General Design and Marketing Services:

I offer marketing strategy, print design, and digital/social media planing and outreach on a freelance basis. From small branding projects and print jobs to working as your in house marketing team, I can take on most aspects of promotion. I’m used to covering the full spectrum of branding from copy writing to production, print, and distribution. For example, I might write an ad, art direct the photo shoot, design and lay it out, and then manage the placement and delivery of the material to a variety of publishers.

I do most projects on either a project basis or a retainer basis depending on scope.

My hourly rate is $200, with breaks built into retainers and large scale projects.

Publishing Services:

Publishing has changed. Anyone can write a book today, publish it tomorrow, and sell it on Amazon the same day. While this obviously affects authors of every stripe, it also affects organizations both large and small from foundations and nonprofits to retailers, agencies, manufacturers, and media.

I can help you exploit these shifts in distribution, content creation, and media production to best serve your organization’s needs and goals. From establishing yourselves as thought leaders in your field to building a highly engaged audience, publishing can re-charge your communications efforts across the board.

My assumption with any new project is that my clients have insight into their industries that is worth something. Whether it’s a massive data set from customer feedback, purchasing habits, or shifts in markets, you have information that can push growth and establish a leadership position based on expertise. I’ll work with you to examine that information, assess the available platforms and scope for distribution, and then publish your content in a way that best serves your goals.

I typically begin with a two hour workshop (priced at $500).

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • A review of your current communications plan.
  • I’ll run you through the new publishing landscape from Kindle Singles to iBooks, Podcasts, Print-on-Demand, e-book creation, and more.
  • We’ll assess the value of your information and search for data and content that is currently underutilized in order to seek out a position of leadership.
  • We’ll examine your options for distribution based on your goals, your end-user’s reading and consuming habits, and which platforms will be the most effective for your specific needs.
  • I’ll follow up with suggestions on direction and a proposal outlining a new plan which you can either implement yourself or hire me to move you forward.

I bring a number of skills to the table should you decide there is a great opportunity. Whether it’s simply the design, formatting, and  production of new material or taking you step by step through the whole process of publishing , I can handle every aspect of communications.

My services include:

  • Evaluation of your current communications program presented in a white paper
  • The assessment of opportunity: which platforms, partners, distributions channels, and models are right for you? I’ll also offer insight into how your customers, clients, or end users consume content
  • Creation of surveys around reading styles and preferences to establish direction
  • Produce a Development Plan with a full schedule, the assignment of internal and external tasks, cost breakdowns and budgets, along with measurable goals
  • Design of look and feel of books, e-books, blog posts, etc.
  • Production of material across platforms (e-book conversion, printed book layout and design, web content, etc)
  • Writing/editing of content based on research and compilation of internal material
  • Art direction, including sourcing of photographers and illustrators
  • Creation of promotional material to support launch of new content
  • Evaluation of success with recommendations for the future

My fees vary depending on the scope of the project. I offer the two hour workshop at $500 with additional time billed at $200 an hour. Full projects range from $5,000 to $25,000 depending on the depth of my involvement.

There are typically third parties involved in this process as well. They may include illustrators, conversion services, publishers, distributors, designers, data gurus, etc. I can recommend  vendors, work with your in house team, or work with your preferred vendors. I don’t mark up any third party costs.